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Boxes of selenase 100 and 500 along side their contentsBoxes of selenase 100 and 500 along side their contents

A mineral supplement used to treat selenium deficiency, which cannot be corrected by selenium intake from food sources. The active ingredient of selenase® oral liquid is sodium selenite pentahydrate – a source of selenium.

Your doctor will have recommended this supplement because tests to measure the selenium levels in your blood have shown that you have a selenium deficiency.

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What do doctors have to say about selenium?

photo of Dr Wagner

Dr. Wagner
Gynecologic oncologist, Saarbrücken, Germany

“We use selenium after determining the selenium status. When the levels are low — as we frequently observe in cancer patients on therapy — we bring the levels back to within the normal range. However, a touchstone is higher-dose selenium supplementation during therapy. For example, we know that selenium is depleted during radiotherapy by repair mechanisms and inflammatory processes. Clinical data are available from this setting that demonstrate to us a lower side effect rate on high-dose selenium administration without sacrificing oncological efficacy.”

Photo of Dr. Heinel
© Fotostudio Astrid Heimer, Jugenheim

Dr. Hainel
General Practitioner specialized in thyroid disorders

“In patients with thyroid disorders, selenium should be administered in the form of sodium selenite, because this is the biochemical formulation that’s incorporated specifically into those important enzyme systems and, not into proteins in the body non-specifically.”

photo of dr weiss

Dr. Weiss
Physician, Stuttgart, Germany

"I understand the integration of methods offered by complementary medicine as an enhancement. …. The indications for the use of complementary methods are aligned with the symptoms respectively present in the patient and with the individual spectrum of adverse side effects of their tumor therapy.”

photo of Dr. Pfisterer

Dr. Pfisterer
Niedergelassener Arzt, Heilbronn

"Selenium is one pillar of our therapy for cancer patients. … They make it through their planned treatment regimens and thereby achieve better cure rates. Selenium gives us a very broad spectrum for use — in both the pre- and peri therapeutic settings as well as in follow-up care.”

picture of Prof. Sehouli

Prof. Sehouli
Director of the Clinic of Gynecology, Charité Campus Virchow Clinic and Director of the Clinic of Gynecology, Charité Campus Benjamin Franklin in Berlin, Germany

“Administering selenium supplementation helps many (lymphedema) patients by supporting the stability of vascular permeability via direct and indirect effects.”

Why take selenase® oral liquid?

selenase® oral liquid contains the active ingredient, sodium selenite pentahydrate, which is a source of selenium.

Selenium is an essential trace mineral, meaning this mineral is essential for life. Cancer, HIV, and palliative patients have a high risk of selenium deficiency associated with accelerated disease progression and worse outcomes.

 This is primarily due to selenium’s crucial role in the structure of various enzymes and proteins (collectively known as selenoproteins) that are essential for DNA synthesis and protection against cell damage and infections – in other words: for healthy immune system functioning.

 For instance: selenium is integrated into an enzyme known as glutathione peroxidase (GPX), which is key to ‘mopping up’ by-products of immunity cell (i.e. white cell) activity.

Selenoproteins are also involved in cognitive function, thyroid hormone metabolism, and reproduction.

By correcting the selenium deficiency that cancer, HIV, and palliative patients have, selenase® oral liquid can help support a normal immune function, which is key to helping the body fight off various diseases and infections.

 Some scientific evidence also suggests that the selenium supplementation may reduce the risk of certain forms of cancer. That said, the FDA has determined that this evidence is limited and not conclusive.

Unique benefits of selenase® oral liquid

Unlike other selenium supplements available in the market, selenase® oral liquid is formulated with sodium selenite – instead of selenomethionine. That’s because selenomethionine comes with two serious drawbacks, which have a direct cause-and-effect relationship with each other:

  • Inefficient absorption into cells – Selenomethionine is less easily absorbed by the body, which means more of it is required to see results
  • Accumulation in the body – Worse still, due to the body’s inefficient distribution of selenomethionine to cells, it can end up – and accumulate – in unnecessary places of the body (e.g. blood, plasma, and cells)

In comparison, the sodium selenite found within selenase® oral liquid offers the following advantages:

  • Fast and effective absorption – Sodium selenite is quickly (and completely) incorporated into the body's cells
  • Smaller serving sizes are required – On a milligram-per-milligram basis, sodium selenite contains more selenium than selenomethionine, so less of it is needed to see results 
  • Excess amounts are safely excreted – Any selenium selenite not used by the body is safely excreted in the urine daily, so there’s no risk of accumulation in unnecessary places of the body

How should I take selenase® oral liquid?

  • For adults 18 years and older.
  • Take selenase® oral liquid exactly as your healthcare provider tells you. 
  • selenase® oral liquid is for single use only. 
  • You can drink the selenase® oral liquid directly, or you can dilute it in a glass of water before drinking. Do not mix with juice.

selenase® 100 

  • Twist off the tab to remove it from the ampoule and transfer contents of the drinking ampoule completely into your mouth by squeezing.
  • Drink one selenase® ampoule daily or as recommended by your health care professional.

selenase® 500

  • Use the measuring device included in this package, and do not use other measuring devices. Pour selenase® oral liquid into measuring device to the first mark (1mL).
  • Take 1mL at the start of the day; repeat up to two additional servings per day. Do not exceed three servicing (3mL) per day unless recommended by your health care professional.
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