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Power up your immune system – easily


Give your body’s natural immune response a boost with biosyn’s physician-backed, easy-to-swallow supplements. 

Help your body activate its natural defenses


selenase® oral liquid is a prescription mineral supplement used to treat selenium deficiency, which cannot be corrected by selenium intake from food sources. The active ingredient of selenase® oral liquid is sodium selenite pentahydrate – a source of selenium.

selenase 500 box and bottle


  • Correct selenium deficiency 
  • Support healthy immune function 
  • Most effective form of selenium (sodium selenite)
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careimmun® is a food supplement with vitamins, minerals, trace elements, coenzyme Q10, and secondary plant substances (lycopene and lutein), which the body especially needs to meet today’s requirements.   

careimmun box and pills


  • Fill diet nutrient gaps 
  • Support healthy immune function 
  • Fight fatigue and tiredness
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biosyn: a pioneer in innovative biopharmaceuticals

We have been committed to advancing healthcare and improving lives since the company was founded in 1984. Today, biosyn Arzenimittel GmbH (biosyn) brings to life innovative medicines that help treat, cure, stop, and prevent some of the most complex diseases in the fields of intensive care, oncology, and endocrinology. 

Recommended by doctors worldwide!

photo of Dr. Heinel
© Fotostudio Astrid Heimer, Jugenheim

Dr. Hainel
General Practitioner specialized in thyroid disorders

“… selenium should be administered in the form of sodium selenite, because this is the biochemical formulation that’s incorporated specifically into those important enzyme systems …”

Read Dr. Hainel’s full testimonial here

photo of Dr Katzler

Dr. Olaf Katzler
Gynecologist, Hamburg

“Patients who modify their diets (e.g. with careimmun®) have a markedly improved outcome over the clinical course of their disease.”

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GMP-compliant active pharmaceutical ingredients 

biosyn specializes in producing trace elements geared to improving patients' lives in the areas of intensive care, oncology, and endocrinology – with world-class GMP-compliant facilities that offer effective and reliable production. In fact, thanks to an innovative production process specially developed and patented by the company in 2009, biosyn became the first and presumably only company in the world capable of producing the active pharmaceutical ingredient, sodium selenite pentahydrate (selenase®), in internationally-prescribed GMP quality. biosynpharma supplies the entire range of biosyn products for oncology, immunology, endocrinology, and intensive care medicine.

Easy to swallow pharmaceuticals for all

We believe all people deserve to live healthy lives. The patient is – and always will be – biosyn's primary focus. This drives our desire to provide medicines that are safe, effective, and most important of all – easy to swallow. We never want patients to skip out on life-saving medications because of difficulties swallowing oral pills and tablets (i.e. dysphagia). biosyn shows our commitment to extend and improve patients' lives worldwide by developing innovative medicine delivery methods that enable pleasant, fuss-free ingestion. 

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