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Our Commitment To Making Medicines That Are Easier To Swallow 

Oral drug delivery – typically as tablets or capsules – is the most preferred administration route due to convenience, cost-effectiveness, and high patient compliance.

Unfortunately… These advantages fail to hold when it comes to patients who have dysphagia, a swallowing disorder that results in difficulties ingesting tablets/capsules. 

These difficulties can range from a total inability to swallow to coughing or choking because the medicine ends up entering the windpipe (i.e. aspiration) instead of the food pipe. Medication can also get 'stuck' in the throat – causing significant discomfort.

The act of taking medicines can thus become distressing for patients, who may resort to breaking tablets, crushing and dissolving them in water, or chewing them. While these methods make it easier for patients to get the medicine down, they can negatively affect the release profile and bioavailability of biologically active ingredients in the pills/capsules. This can then decrease the medicine's efficacy. Perhaps most worryingly: some patients would rather skip out on taking their medication entirely because of how unpleasant the entire experience is.

Medication nonadherence is a serious problem, with consequences including worsening conditions, increased comorbid diseases, increased health care costs, and even death. Here at biosyn, we believe that there are better ways of administering life-saving medications that boost therapeutic outcomes – drugs that are easier to swallow; treatments that are much more pleasant for individuals struggling with dysphagia.

That’s why we’re committed to producing products that are easier to take for all patients, no matter their swallowing capabilities. 

Discover our easy-to-swallow product range


oral liquid

box of selenase 500 and contents

selenase® oral liquid is a prescription mineral supplement used to treat selenium deficiency, which cannot be corrected by selenium intake from food sources. The active ingredient of selenase® oral liquid is sodium selenite pentahydrate – a source of selenium.


Clear, colorless solution
Easy to swallow – just like any other liquid in your diet like water

No additional chemicals or preservatives
Except for saline – has a pleasant, salty taste that can be diluted to your preferences in a glass of water


box of Caremmun and capsules

careimmun® is a food supplement with vitamins, minerals, trace elements, coenzyme Q10, and secondary plant substances (lycopene and lutein), which the body especially needs to meet today’s requirements. 


Smart pellet design
Special coating on pellets – scatter over food or drink for fuss-free ingestion

Optimal dosing
One capsule daily – all the nutritional support you need in a single, convenient package

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